Even the best windows are victims of damage and deterioration. Don't worry, restoring and preserving stained glass windows is one of our specialties. You can feel safe knowing that your windows are in good hands. From small repairs to large-scale church restorations, we can restore the most historical and intricate of windows. We take special care and pride in repairing works of master designers such as Tiffany, LaFarge, Nincheri, and Zettler.

Restoration is more than a simple matter of disassembly and releading. It requires an intimate knowledge of stained glass design and construction. When restoring a window, our priority is preservation.

Whenever possible, original glass is preserved when restoring a window and glass replacement is used as a last resort. Special care is taken with painted pieces to try and maintain the original artwork. If preservation is not possible, glass is then matched for color and may go through several paintings and firings in the kiln to reproduce the original piece.

If you think your windows may be in need of restoration, give us a call so that we can arrange an onsite inspection. From there we can tell you exactly what your windows need and provide you with a detailed estimate.


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